Plant Cell Biology international

The First Plant Cell Biology international was held in 2022 in Crete. It was a collaboration between the organizers of the US Plant Cell Dynamics meeting and the European Network for Plant Endomembrane Research. It was a huge success and so we are planning Plant Cell Biology Internaytional II for 2025. We will again be in Crete and will share more details as the meeting planning progresses.

Plant Cell Dynamics

Since 2012, US plant cell biologists have organized an annual "Plant Cell Dynamics" meeting, to discuss the latest advances in plant cell biology and learn new techniques and approaches. The meeting is usually held in the Midwest of the USA and after the 2022 Plant Cell Biology International meeting, Plant Cell Dynamics has returned to Madison, WI for 2023 and 2024.


The European Network for Plant Endomembrane Research meeting (ENPER) is the oldest international conference of the plant endomembrane research community. The meeting is held in a different European city each year with about 150 scientists from around the world meeting to discuss research on plant endomembrane functions.

Diversity and Inclusion

PCBI II aims to create an inclusive space for scientific exchange and collegiality regardless of participant background or personal identities. No form of harassment against any participant will be tolerated. To the extent possible, all laboratories that attend will be given time to present their research with students, postdocs or junior faculty giving talks. Our goal is that this format will ensure participation of a diverse group of attendees including women and underrepresented groups. Generous funding from NSF will help defray travel costs for ~ 40 students and postdocs from US-based labs making the meeting more affordable for students traveling across the Atlantic.