I. Objectives

The objectives of this meeting are to provide a unique open, inclusive, and interactive forum for the plant cell biology community across United States and Europe and an effective learning environment for all participants, especially undergraduate and graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows. The meeting organizers, keynote speakers, and presenters will emphasize the importance of quantitative cell biology to advance the field. The meeting will include oral presentations, poster sessions, workshops, and time for informal discussions.

II. A meeting to catalyze the plant cell biology community

Why organize the first Plant Cell Biology International (PCBI) meeting? There is a growing core of plant cell biologists who seek a better understanding of the underlying mechanisms of organelle and cell dynamics. The group as a whole seeks to find the most effective ways to combine quantitative imaging techniques including high-resolution microscopy, biochemical techniques, and computational tools to gain a realistic understanding of cellular systems in a variety in model and agronomically important plant systems and to foster international collaboration among laboratories that utilize these complementary tools. The Plant Cell Biology International(PCBI) meeting will capitalize on the interaction between two well-established plant cell biology communities across the Atlantic, the Midwest Plant Cell Dynamics (MPCD) and the European Network for Plant Endomembrane Research (ENPER). More importantly, the PCBI meeting will 1) advance intellectual exchange between US- and Europe-based laboratories, 2) enhance the cultural understanding of next generation of innovators in both continents, 3) promote new collaborations and 4) help advance the field of plant cell biology in meaningful ways. Talks are given by students and postdocs (with the possibility of a very small introduction by the PI) or by young faculty.

III. Estimated number of participants


IV. Organizers

Georgia Drakakaki, University of California-Davis
Marcela Rojas-Pierce, North Carolina State University
Dan Szymanski, Purdue University
Michael Sauer, University of Potsdam, Germany
Jan Zouhar, Mendel University, Czech Republic
Simon Gilroy, University of Wisconsin–Madison

V. Keynote speakers and workshops


VI. Tentative Schedule

Monday,June 1st
Tuesday, June 2nd
Wednesday, June 3rd
Thursday June 4th
Friday June 5th

VII. Code of conduct

We are is committed to ensuring that Plant Cell Biology International 2020 is a welcoming and inclusive space for sharing ideas and knowledge. To this end, PCBI will provide a safe and productive environment that promotes equal opportunity and treatment for all participants and that is free of harassment and discrimination. This code of conduct applies to all attendees, speakers, exhibitors, staff, contractors, volunteers, and guests; and it applies only to sponsored events at and during the conference. No data presented at the meeting will be reproduced by a third party without permission.